What You Should Bring to a Casino

Planning your trip to the casino is important and part of that planning should go in to what you bring to the casino. Having everything you need will prevent you from either having to go back for an item you forgot, or doing without it entirely. You do not need to load your self down with equipment, but having a few things handy will make your day at the casino easier and more enjoyable.

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1. Carry identification at all times. You will need your id from the moment you walk up to the door of a casino. Casinos have age limits and several casinos card patrons as a rule, regardless of how old or young they appear to be. Without an id, you will not be able to get in to the casino. You will also need your id to collect a big jackpot.

2. Carry emergency contact information. Your id will not tell the casino staff what to do in case of an emergency. If something unfortunate was to happen and you became injured it would go a lot smoother if the casino staff or an emergency responder was able to quickly locate someone who knew your previous condition, allergies, and hospital requirements.

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If you have a cell phone, you can enter in an emergency contact number in to your address book under the name ICE. ICE stands for “in case of emergency” and is a widely recognized system. If you do not have a cell phone, you can write your emergency contact information down and place it in your wallet by your identification cards.

3. Carry cash. It is not a necessity to carry your bankroll in to the blackjack casino. There are ATMS and cashiers all over the casino floor. However, cashiers should be tipped and the ATM machines at casinos often come with high withdrawal fees. It is highly possible that it would be cheaper for you to take get cash outside of the casino. However, if you plan to spend more then a couple hundred dollars do not walk around with that much cash in your wallet; utilize the cashier for smaller chunks of money.

4. Carry your rewards card. Most casinos slots offer a rewards card. The rewards you get are based on how much you play. If you have a rewards card, make sure it is always with you in the casino and that you use it as much as possible.

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