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Ideas for Brainstorming

The first step in making a casino game is to think of a concept. Market analysis, analytics, and preparation are needed to increase the probability of your game idea taking off.

Determine the type of casino game, style, and history based on extensive market research and analysis.

A mind map is a great way to organise your thoughts. Make a core concept that will serve as a jumping off point for representing the subject of interest. After that, you can add branches, keywords, images, and comments. This type of visualisation can aid in the capture and organisation of ideas.

When you’re brainstorming, keep an eye out for technical developments that can help you better your game in the future.

Consider virtual reality technology, which has become common in casinos in recent years. Better rewards systems and improved in-game chat features are available in virtual reality games, which can help the product gain a wider audience.

Another common trend is cryptocurrency, which can be used by both players and game software developers. Players can keep their identities hidden, complete transactions quicker, and pay lower commissions. Companies may expand their audience, bypass the licencing process, and avoid paying commission on multiple conversions.

Gambling Software Market Research Tools
Using the following methods to conduct more effective market research:

Questback is an all-in-one market research platform. It collects data, analyses player attitudes and trends, and tracks product adoption in order to bridge the gap between product, gaming tech, and its audience. Questback assists casino software providers in defining demand and gathering information from online panels, social media, and loyalty programmes. You can use Questback even while you’re brainstorming. Customer reviews can also be obtained during the manufacturing process.

Loop11 is a usability testing tool that lets you test any website or individual page, including those of your competitors. This service generates heatmaps and analyses clickstreams based on the results of the test.
Loop11’s usability test is used until you start the game at first, and then you can run it several times once it’s live.

Social Mention is a real-time social media search engine that lets you monitor what people are saying about the subject of your social game around the Internet’s social media culture. It includes sites like Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Twitter, Digg, and Google. During the concept process, social media is used. The system’s results aid in determining whether the subject is common among gamers.

FreeLunch gathers historical, economic, and statistical data from around the world based on industry and location. The platform gathers game data from publicly accessible sources and stores it in one place. It may, for example, assist in determining the costs of developing a casino game. If you’ve come up with a game subject and established major competitors, this method can be helpful in the market research process.

Via in-depth surveys, SurveyMonkey lets you understand customer and industry preferences. The service allows users to create surveys for both primary and secondary market research, and it comes with ready-to-use templates. It aids in the understanding of your commodity, market segmentation, and customer behaviour analysis. SurveyMonkey, like Questback, is useful during the brainstorming stage. It also aids in the continuous monitoring of consumer actions after the game’s release.

Making a working prototype

Following the completion of market research in support of the concept, a prototype of online social games is developed. The online casino games development company’s goal is to create a skeleton framework, see how the game would look on paper, and design the primary edition.

Todd Rivers, a technical artist and product designer at RDI Studio, writes in his article on prototype development that it’s simple to “see” the game with a working prototype. A successful prototype, he claims, allows you to easily adjust the look of the game and “see if your first stab at math is any good.”

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