Heads Up Texas Holdem

Texas Hodem is declared as the most popular poker variation. Nowadays it is widespread all around the world and many people play it day and night on the Internet. If you are a keen Texas Hodlem player you surely know what the term ‘Heads Up Texas Holdem’ means. It is a game, in which the competitors are only two – you and your opponent. But the rules of this kind of Texas Holdem are not much different from the ring games’ rules. For many advanced poker players competing in heads-up Texas Holdem tournaments is quite difficult, so in most of the cases they are soon eliminated.

It happens because they used to play too tight, which is absolutely wrong in Heads Up Texas Hodlem. When you play heads up you don’t need to have the best hand to be the winner. The only thing you have to do is to play in the best way and make your opponent fold. It is not enough just to call and raise, you have to keep your opponent in suspense.

Texas Holdem Hands

Learn to predict how the other player intends to play his hand. This will help you realize whether your opponent bluffs you or not. If the other raises and you are sure he holds a very good hand, you just have to fold in order not to give him more money. The flop is not played in the same manner as the one in a full-table game. In Heads Up Texas Holdem if you have a middle pair you have better chances to win the hand, while against many opponents with such cards it is almost sure that someone will beat you. So don’t be afraid to raise if you are dealt a middle pair hand. However, in Heads Up Texas Holdem the position is not as important as in the ordinary poker tournaments. Of course, it is better to act after your opponent in order to have more information about his cards.

When you start playing Heads Up Texas Holdem you will see that the action is faster than in the ring games. Here the blinds move pretty quickly so be prepared to react speedily. The way you should play against you opponent depend mostly on his playing style. You should appraise if he is a passive or an aggressive player. If you compete against a passive Texas Hodlem player it will surely be an easy game for you. But if your opponent is an aggressive competitor you should be very careful. In both cases varying your play will increase your chances for winning.

Texas Holdem Tutorial

In Heads Up Texas Holdem you need to bluff more before the flop and rarely on the turn and the river. You should also know that in many cases the person, who acts first after the flop is the one who wins the pot. Your chip stack is also very important when you play Heads Up Texas Holdem. In case you have a big amount of chips you can be much more aggressive, so your opponent should call more times waiting for a better hand. With less chips in front of you, you have to play tighter.

Remember that practice is the thing that can give you confidence when you play Heads Up Texas Holdem. You can train for free on the Internet or at home with a friend of yours. But participating in Heads Hp Texas Holdem tournaments is probably the best practice – it will make you an experienced gambler. Check out How to Play HeadsUp Poker for more info.

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