Beware of Poker Adrenaline Rush

Nothing gets your blood pumping like holding a great poker hand. You are looking around at the other players, thinking maybe they do not have such a high card hand, and your confidence starts to build. Before you know it, you are playing the entire hand on a heavy adrenaline rush. That rush is incredibly exciting; after all, it is why we gamble. However, that adrenaline rush can hurt your game, even cost you the hand, if you are not careful.

Why You Should Control an Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Brings Out Your Poker Tells

The more excited we are about something, the harder it is to stay calm and focused. When a poker player looses their concentration, their natural poker tells start to show. For example, a player has a nervous habit of tapping their fingers on the table. So far in the game they have been able to keep their hands still. Suddenly that player is holding a flush and without realizing it they are tapping the table wildly. An experienced blackjack player sitting at that table would notice that tell right away and pull out of the hand rather then face the monster cards their opponent is holding. You never want to give away your hand when you stand a chance at winning.

Adrenaline Causes You to Stop Thinking Clearly

It is important to remain focused and logical throughout a casino game. One wrong move can cost you a big pot or pull you out of the game all together. When a player is holding a very high hand they can become too focused on their excitement and start to loose their concentration on the game. Just because you have a high hand does not mean that another player is not also holding a high hand. You need to stay focused and make smart moves no matter how excited you are.

Adrenaline Can Lead to Over Betting

When a player knows they are holding a great set of cards, they being to get confident. As the round goes on and it starts to look like they may be holding the best cards at the table, the player can get over excited about the possibility of a huge pot and start try to raise it as high as possible. This can price other players in to folding the game, or cost the player his entire bankroll if someone else was holding a better hand.

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