A safer option is to use online employee scheduling tools.

Here are some ways that the best online employee scheduling software will help your casino cut down on scheduling time, minimise mistakes to almost zero, make workers and managers happy because they get along better, and save money that you’re actually losing due to these issues.

Employees can access their schedules from any place.

If your casino’s scheduling system needs workers to call someone, check their email, or come in to see their schedules, you’ll waste time planning inefficiencies and cause a slew of avoidable problems and delays.

Employees can monitor their schedules using their phones in most online employee scheduling software systems. They log into their account and see their schedule for the next few days, weeks, or months.

This feature is extremely popular among employees. They no longer have to wait for the schedule to ‘come out,’ as they did previously. It simply appears on their phone, which they can access at any time and from any place. It doesn’t get any better than this.

You will easily adapt to erroneous shift schedules.

You can easily change the schedules of your casino floor staff if a shift is overscheduled due to the lack of anticipated crowds. Perhaps you were anticipating large crowds for a basketball or baseball playoff game, but the series is only four games long, and you were expecting a large crowd for Game 5.

Or maybe a move is missed and a big crowd shows up. You can easily see who is eligible for extra shifts among your part-time workers, allowing you to avoid calling people who could cause overtime for the week.

You can do this on the fly with online employee scheduling tools. Making major on-site planning decisions that directly impact the bottom line takes just a few minutes.

Employees can quickly order a Change Swap.

You will develop your online planning programme as a casino manager so that you can accept each change request. This is especially important in casinos because there might be workers you don’t trust to work with certain others, on certain shifts, or in certain places.

You’ll also want to make sure that professional workers are present in your table game areas during all of the critical shifts. When making shift swap demands, ordinary workers can not know how critical it is. However, using scheduling tools like Casino Schedule Ease, you can easily decide whether or not their swap would trigger issues. You can plan your schedule weeks or months ahead of time.

You can schedule as far ahead as you like with employee scheduling tools. You may, for example, have a major event coming up in a few months. You don’t have to schedule every day between now and then, but you should plan the dates leading up to the big event to ensure you have enough workers on those high-earning days.

Employees can easily submit requests for EO.

When a shift is sluggish or a worker has a personal matter to attend to, online employee scheduling software helps them to make early requests quickly and easily.

The majority of casinos are fantastic. It can take a long time to locate the person with whom you need to speak. When the preparation manager isn’t in the office when an employee needs him, the situation becomes even more frustrating.

Employees can make EO requests from their phone wherever they are, and you can accept, refuse, or ask to address it by sending back a personal message, much like switched swaps.

Plan ahead of time for planned busy days.

For a casino, being understaffed is a disaster. You can use online employee scheduling tools to prepare for the big days you know are coming. Your programme will help ensure that your table games and other vital money-making departments are ready for prime time, whether it’s weekends, certain holidays, special times of year, or dates with major events in the region.

The whole planning process can be automated.

The eight reasons mentioned above should be enough to convince you to schedule a free demo of our casino planning programme. But, so far, this last explanation is the most compelling.

When you read #8 and began to consider “crafting” the ideal schedule, it might have occurred to you that even though you did all of the work yourself, creating the schedule would be difficult. Yes, it certainly will. Setting up a schedule for who should be assigned where and when would also be difficult.

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