5-card PLO rules work the same way as. Your hand must be made using forcefully 2 of your hole cards and 3 of the five community cards. You get an additional hole card for a total of 5. This article will give you some vital strategic insights I have identified.

1. Translation of Concepts with a 4-Card

Having a primary education in poker is essential so that you can draw from the same concepts when you transition to a different game. You can also learn by bringing those concepts into the new game.

You can use the same concepts in 5-card as in 4-card. However, your advantage lies in understanding how these concepts relate. Recognizing that the 5th hole card is a lesser value means that double-suited Kings are less valuable and that side cards are essential.

The difference in PLO and NLHE makes a big difference. 5-card PLO has an additional hole card. In 5-card PLO, there are approximately 2.6 million possible starting hands, compared to 270,000 for the 4-card version.


Because you have more equity in the medium-strong hands and are more motivated to enter the flop, your cold-calling frequency will rise. You will be more likely to defend the blinds and cold calls more often, which should increase your overall VPIP.

Your VPIP might be lower exploitatively because too many people are playing.

It would be best if you were more disciplined when you play too many hands, as in low-stakes 4-card poker.


Because your opponent will have more equity, you likely want to place larger bets in certain spots.

It would be best if you had more equity to wager a hand with little equity against your opponents. While you will be called more often than usual, you still need protection.

If you lead into the preflop raiser, your opponents will miss out on opportunities to bluff you. Your opponents will have a better time representing their hands on the turn and river if they are allowed to get a free card.

You will want to lead more often in 5-card PoL. You have five cards and more potential blocking cards, so there is a more significant removal effect. There is more incentive to lead in multiway and heads-up pots.


In a 4-card PLO, you can only have single- and trip-suited cards simultaneously. It has a significant impact on how you play your hand. It is an essential factor in how you play your hand.

The raw equity of a 4-card PLO hand with a single-suited hand looks very similar to that of a trip-suited one. Still, there are significant differences in the playability implications. Triple-suited hands will take away value. It is true even in 5-card Omaha. It is an essential factor in playability.

The following clip is from the 5-Card Preflop Theory (Part 2 course), where I explain how ranking changes based on suit characteristics.


In 5-card PLO, quality is critical. It is still essential to be nuty. It’s much easier to have a hand with a double-suited suit that looks good. However, it would be best if you resisted entering the pot with all those double-suited junk hands.

In certain circumstances, king-high suits need to be nutted more. Multiway pots are a common sight. A non-ace-high case in multiway pots is more dangerous than a 4-card PLO.


People overvalue their hand strength post-flop and preflop are two things I see often.

It’s common to see too many players on the market in the early stages of a game. Naturally, you will see a wider variety of skill levels and player types because players are trying new things and don’t spend as much time studying the game.

While the principle of slow play and checking behind strong hands is still valid, the definition of a firm hand has changed. To justify slow play, you need to have many more combined blocks. Otherwise, you are just giving away cards to your opponent.

You can generally expect to see fewer bluffs and fewer hero calls. Suhepx, 5-Card PLO Mastermind Coach, discusses bluffing in 5Card.

2. The Best 5-Card PLO Starting Hands

Pre-flop is a skill that requires a lot of effort and time. It is the most critical part of the 5-card. Pre-flop is even more important because you have an extra card. Poor preflop play can lead to poor turn play and poor flop play.

In 5-card PLO, there are three main components before the flop: Nuttiness & high-card strength, Connectedness and suitedness. These components are more critical than ever; the higher the number, the stronger your starting hand.

High card strength and nuttiness

In Omaha, remember that your nuttiness pot is essential before the flop. To win against many hands, you must add nutted components. Your stack will be smaller, which increases the value of high cards.

It is easy to make hands with five-hole cards. We are more likely to be dominated if we have lower cards than 4-card players. Equities are closer, so we can also be outdrawn more often. It is elementary to have strong made hands or nutted hands (25% of all hands have the A-High suit). If we can enter a pot without nutted parts, our opponent will likely have them.


Making hands in 5-card PLO is much easier than with the other components. The more disconnected we are, the more likely we will be outdrawn or dominated.

Some players undervalue or do not appreciate the value of connectivity. If your hand is connected in 5-card PLO, five cards are connected to it, not 4. It makes the writing stronger.

Straight draws, so to speak, that you can get preflop have higher quality, more equity, and more nuttiness. It is also a waste of valuable value if you have a poorly connected hand.


It is easier to have more double-suited hands. About half of the 5-card PLO starting hands will be double-suited. It makes it crucial to be aware of the suits you hold. Your opponent may have you dominate with a lower flush draw if you have a hand of soft cases, even if it’s double-suited.

If you only have one-suited hands, paying attention to your side cards is essential. You want to be highly connected while playing the hand. To have a better straight draw, you want to be more connected than your opponent to win the flop. F1tz, 5-Card Mastermind Coach, discusses nut-flush issues in the following clip.

Pocket Aces

A pocket pair is not considered a primary component because it is less valuable than the other components. We often require suitable extra components to make our hands more playable, aside from Aces.

These three quick tips will help you understand the strength and importance of pocket Aces in the PLO 5-card. They were taken from Poker Tool’s Odds Oracle.

  • In 5-card Omaha, we have 60% more Aces (AAxxx) than in 4-card. It equates to 4.17% of all starting hands in 5-card, compared with 2.57% in 4-card.
  • The top 30 percent of AAxxx combos ranks is impressive, especially compared to the 5% rank limit for AAxx in 4-card PLO.
  • 47% of all AAxxx have a double-suited 5-card PLO (with at least one Ace-high suit), while 12.5% are double-suited 4-card.

Suhepx, 5-Card Mastermind Coach, explains what to do if you are faced with a 3-bet when holding Aces in 5-Card Poker (UTG vs. MP).

3. Adjusting to 5-Card Frequencies

These statistics are for a 5% (or approximately 8.5 bb/100) rake structure. You should adjust if you pay a higher rake.

You pay more rake in lower games because people need to pay attention to GTO solutions or rake structures and are therefore going to play too many hands. Consequently, it is a good idea to play tighter.

Paying less rake allows you to open-raise more, defend the blinds better, fold less against 3-bets, and cold call more. You should open-raise tighter, however, because your opponents will be incentivized more to cold call and defend the blinds frequently.

It is important to remember but do just what is necessary. It would be best if you didn’t alter your frequency by more or less than you pay in rake.

The Key Differences

  • Folds are much lower than 3-bet.

5-card has a higher domination rate and lower equity.

  • A slightly wider BB defense and a tighter 3-Bet

You end up 3-betting slightly tighter because you are OOP, and the opponent has a lot of equity. Because you have so much equity, you end up calling a lot wider.


  • A slightly more comprehensive range of cold-calling IPs and a tighter 3-Bet

We have more fold equity in 4-card PLO when we 3-bet. Therefore, it is more sensible to 3-bet more comprehensively to try and win the pot before the flip without having to pay any rake. The folding frequency in 5-card vs. 3-bets is supposed to be very low, so we will make the call and wait for the flop.

BTN vs. CO

What does this all mean for actual hands? Here are some examples of wrong hands that you can continue to play on the flop as preflop raisers from the big blind.

Our 5-Card PLO Trainer software is the best way to learn frequencies and play GTO. It is part of our 5-Card PLO Mastermind membership.

4. Trainer 5-Card PLO

5-Card PLO trainer is a cloud-based PLO program that makes it easy to find preflop and post-flop GTO solutions in just a few seconds.

It is a simple and intuitive way to learn the GTO 5-card strategy. It allows you to navigate between stack sizes and positions, load pre-solved sims, and more from a cloud-based app. It is a brief tutorial showing you how to use it.

You don’t need to download the 5-Card PLO trainer. It runs in your browser. It’s also available in our 5-Card Mastermind bundles.

New Post-Flop Feature!

Our 5-Card PLO Trainee makes post-flop analysis quick and easy. It briefly overviews how to train and navigate 5card categories and ranges.

  1. Where to Play 5-Card Poker

The best place to play online 5-card PLO is the GGNetwork. It’s accessible via their flagship website GGPoker and other skins like Natural8. There are many options, including Pokerstars and popular poker apps such as Pokerbros or PPPoker.


Pokerstars offers minimal action. Only a few tables offer PLO25 or 50, but that’s it. GGPoker provides plenty of action regardless of your time zone.

The location of the club will determine the traffic to the poker apps. If players from the US dominate the club, then the peak hours are usually during American nights and evenings.

These apps are top-rated as they allow players from restricted countries to play online poker. For several years, 5-Card PLO has been a favorite format.

Rake Structure

Pokerstars offers 5-Card Pokerstars for stakes of PLO25 (blinds $0.25 – $0.50) up until PLO40k ($200 / $400). Here is the rake structure

GGPoker offers 5-Card Poker Online for stakes up to PLO1k, and high-stakes VIP games up to PLO40k. All stakes are subject to a 5% per pot charge.

These apps offer five-card PLO for all stakes but may vary between clubs.

The rake structure charges 5% per pot and has three big blind caps. The rake cap is $0.75 at the PLO25 level and $3 at the PLO100 level. The rake cap is generally two big blinds for stakes higher than PLO600 ($3/$6) or PLO600 ($3/$6).


Pokerstars offers chest prizes with a long-term value of approximately 5%. The company is currently testing a new system of Rakeback that 20% of their players can access.

Players can earn as much as 65% Rakeback if this new system is adopted. High-volume players can make additional Rakeback through the Omaha cash game leaderboards.

GGPoker offers Rakeback through its Fish Buffet program. Based on their Player Value Index, players earn a minimum of 15% Rakeback and a maximum of 60%. The daily $25,000 (5-Card) PLO leaderboard might be more beneficial for high-volume players.

Black Card is the affiliate program of PLO Mastermind and offers additional cash rewards to its members.

You can discuss a Rakeback agreement in the apps. It is usually performance-based. With a minimum of 20%, the Rakeback that a player earns will increase with each additional rake.

Get started with the Black Card.

Play 5-Card Poker Online at GGPoker to receive additional Black Card rewards. In the Bonus Code section (optional), write “black card.”

Recommended Top 3 Unions to Play 5-Card PLO:

1. Diamond Union – Pokerbros

2. Suprema Union – PPPoker

3. Prime Time Union – PPPoker


5-Card Poker Online is a popular game that has remained very popular. It is the most played game on poker apps and attracts many recreational players.

To build a 5-card PLO pot, you will need stronger hands. Side cards are more important. It would be best if you played tighter against players with too many hands. Also, remember that the quality of the suits is more critical than the quantity.

The game of poker is constantly changing. The player who can adapt quickly and best will be the most successful will win.

We created the 5-Card Mastermind to help you on your journey. It can be purchased in a bundle along with our 4-card membership. It includes training videos, a 5-Card Trainer, and access to our discord.

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